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Response to yallerdawg Reply 57 Sun Oct 8, You've got to be kidding with this. Swinging tits blowjob. Not yet a member?

Alex witt nude

I don't have a problem with it. I don't know if you're a woman or ever had to wear professional attire Response to Baconator Reply Sun Oct 8, Nothing in-proper with what shes wearing, Shes a fairly attractive lady wearing a nice outfit. Alex witt nude. Fashion confession My pet peeve: MSNBC's makeup department needs a makeover. Response to Hortensis Reply 44 Sun Oct 8, Please, point me to the links, the discouraging stats, that prove this stunning assertion you present is factual, that it ain't a big a deal, or admit this is merely your own personal opinion.

I'm sure that Bill Hemmer will wear the same outfit in his next segment. She leaves a lot to be desired as a journalist, but when she chose to pull a beachy, summer sundress out of her closet in October to show off her bare shoulders, she gave up all pretense to the profession.

So if Ali Velshi or Anderson Cooper came on camera wearing a tank top. When I went to go seek out what the fuss was about.

Not a very serious look. It sure took you all a long time to notice. 4k naked women. Someone made the "walk of shame" directly to work Outside of Fox News and their tarted up buxom blondes, the news is a serious business, not a personal fashion show. It is a shoulderless top. However, if it is a case where MSNBC is trying to force their female anchors to appear more sexy, than shame on the network, and they should hear from their viewers if they are trying to follow in the steps of Faux News to attract ratings.

Warm day on the East Coast. By the way some folks are making it sound, you'd think she was exposing her breast. Yes, I, too, turned it off. Response to calimary Reply 53 Sun Oct 8, If I showed up at my old job wearing that top I'd be sent home to change clothes, but not because I looked "slutty" at my age "slutty" would be a tough look to pull offbut because it would not be appropriate attire for appearing in front of the other professional people I was working with.

Personal opinion here - but this cold-shoulder look is ridiculous. It annoys the hell out of me, too - not just that it's unflattering, but it makes no sense if you're looking for a warm sweater

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When I went to go seek out what the fuss was about I assumed it was going to breasts hanging out with last night's makeup smeared all over her face. Kyle krieger nude. By the way some folks are making it sound, you'd think she was exposing her breast.

A well-tailored sleeveless dress is one thing although I'm not fond of looking at armpits of any gender in a news environmentbut this style reeks of "sloppy" and "ain't I current?

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That's the "cold shoulder" fashion look, donchaknow? I opened this thread thinking it'd be about something else, btw, and find involved discussion of a blouse. Alex witt nude. Response to comradebillyboy Reply 77 Sun Oct 8, But hey, if Jeremy Bash shows up in just swimming trunks, I'm there! Worse even than what's paraded all day long, every day, year-round, on Pox Noise. Don't have an account? Without being too specific, what's she wearing? This message was self-deleted by its author.

You've got to be kidding with this. She is wearing the current fashion I think. Thank you for posting that. Response to jodymarie aimee Original post Post removed. My standards of exhibitionism are evidently much, much higher than yours! Shes a little casual, but her shoulders are showing.

Response to asiliveandbreathe Reply 3 Sun Oct 8, Suspect they may like letting people know they're still sexual beings who still have something to strut. Star wars bastila nude. That's some sexist bullshit right there. And I find the dress, hair styles and obvious selection for appearance of the female anchors that I see happily only in passing on cable news offensive when contrasted to that of the male anchors.

Response to calimary Reply 15 Sun Oct 8, Response to madaboutharry Reply 9 Sun Oct 8, Response to tblue37 Reply 63 Sun Oct 8, I'm more disturbed anyone started a tut tutting thread about her outfit than by her outfit! The first signs I noticed I was an "older" professional woman was strappy stiletto heels and sultry, long straight, unrestrained hair. There's no winning and everyone should just keep their judgy bullshit to themselves until these ladies are showing up to work in bikinis.

Go read my history of posts, doofus.

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