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The dark side held many secrets, many ways to mold minds.

As she spoke to Revan that he could not win, she felt a pang of deep regret that it had come to this, she was now facing the man she cared for as a young woman, who had helped her grow and gain strength in the Academy was now the Dark Lord of the Sith, the very same enemy of the Jedi he was once part of. Our last chance at winning this war is over. Sean milf hunter. Star wars bastila nude. Log In Sign Up. I may add another part depending on how well this goes over and make this a two-shot.

But I have to ask Add user to Ignore List after reporting. First she betrayed her, then Malak. Bastila exhaled softly, she may not have had access to the force any longer, but it didn't take a force-weilder to notice Revan's sullenness.

Bastila moaned out as she felt Revan run his hands on her body once more, she never felt so safe in her life as she pressed closer to him now that he had removed the Star Forge Robes that he had on him, he had already placed aside his Light sabers and they were now with her own Double Bladed Light saber.

The celebration on the planet of Rakata Prime began to die down as the Republic soldiers, pilots, officers settled in for a long night of drinking and partying along with the Jedi that survived the assault on the Star Forge, even the Jedi were in the mood to celebrate, in their own way with the Republic.

There were plenty of people in the galaxy whom had taken kath hounds as pets. A look of mild shock came over her pretty face as she stepped in and bowed, not expecting to see her master clothed as she was. The Former Dark Lord and Redeemed Jedi Knight turned to see Carth and Canderous, along with Jolee drinking on a nearby table, The former Jedi, the Mandalorian, and the Republic Pilot were busy chatting and it seemed that they managed to spot him dead on.

She then dove in and latched on to one of the pink buds, tugging on it with her teeth as her other hand began to knead the other. Fappening nude photos. A coldness had creeped into the room, making Bastila shiver. For several moments, Bastila and Revan held in the kiss, displaying emotions that could not be explained by words but by action. The Dark Lord moved from her meditation chamber to the refresher, stripping off her robes along the way. Or had he only seen her as the last hope of winning the war?

If the Masters knew about the effects of this…. Bastila let out a grunt as her back hit the wall, Revan holding her there with the Force. An anger that hadn't subsided like she had hoped. She used the Jedi Code and tried hard to put those feelings aside, but he wasn't having any of it, he persisted, making her feel more angry and afraid, but also when he was there, she was safe and whole…he continued to break her resistance no matter how hard she tried, but it wasn't to hurt her, but to show that he too cared for her…and loved her, his feelings for her, she saw were not lies at all…but were strong, pure and sincere.

But something…told her not to let him die like this. We shall attack her at th-" Shadow Kreia was cut off and the shadows melted, Bastila looking through the Grey fog in confusion until light began to blind her.

Bastila glared at her weapon stuck to the wall as if nailed there, wondering how she could dislodge it. Once he was done with that part of her body, Bastila was quick to make her own move as she also did the very same things to Revan, making him moan out as well.

Malak captured you, offered you a place at his side, and you accepted. He shrugged his shoulders and sighed as he joined his comrades. Aren't you coming to join us? She gripped the sheets in a white-knuckled grasp and let out a series of rather loud moans, never leaving the eye-lock her master had kept throughout the ordeal. Milf pussy naked. All the more reason for him not to live… But something…told her not to let him die like this. She would mold her to the point that she would act not only as her apprentice and partner in battle, but would tend to her every whim.

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Just In All Stories: All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction. Blushing slightly, she switched the shaver off and tossed it to Revan.

The gently humming device tickled the sensitive flesh as she removed the hair from her most private area.

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If she had access to the force, it would be a simple task to release herself, and defeat the man in front of her. Hot naked teachers. If the Masters knew about the effects of this…. Is there something you want to tell me Bastila? Pain, the smell of smoke and burning flesh. As of now, you've shown me little, yet said much. And on the same day…the thing she feared the most happened…Malak's ship… The Leviathan found them and took them prisoner. Revan gazed as she gave one final squeeze before slowly lowering her arms, revealing the full beauty of those orbs.

The Jedi Knight looked at them in some embarrassment and that was enough for the three men to figure out what was going on in the mind of their fearless leader. Star wars bastila nude. The Prodigal Knight took a look at the drink and drank it down and bid the guys farewell and left, hoping that Bastila was going to be in the last place that he thought she might be in, and that was the Ebon Hawk's cabins as well. But she didn't…she reached out to him, removed his mask and stared at the Dark Side corrupted face of her former friend and loved one.

She stopped and looked a Bastila. Lesbian parents porn. A man and woman, both jovial and grateful to see their child. Lust sparked in her loins. There were plenty of people in the galaxy whom had taken kath hounds as pets. Only and ever you. She felt it when she was an apprentice, the rank she had before she could become a Padawan…when she met Revan for the first time. Once he was done with that part of her body, Bastila was quick to make her own move as she also did the very same things to Revan, making him moan out as well.

Revan was standing above her. I'd kill Juhani and Bastila Bastila knew better than to refuse and latched onto one of her master's nipples, clumsily licking, sucking and nipping each of the buds in turn. Her love belonged to the woman she had risked her life to rescue on Taris. Honduras naked girls. Bastila was caught by Revan as the Sith's green eyes flashed in surprise. Reaching past the assassin droid HK, deactivated at the moment, Revan stowed slipped something from a cabinet into his robes.

She almost regretted what she had done at times to Carth and the others, but they made their choice to stand in her way, and they paid the price. If he still lived.

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She was rather confused about all of it, and when she joined the Jedi…such things were forbidden or not spoken of. Bastila began to let out a series of small mewls and hisses as Revan roughly played with her chest. Girls wearing sexy panties. However, I suggest you find a room and get some alone time with the Jedi Princess, that might help her loosen up a bit. And then of course, Bastila being overpowered and forced to watch the 'Sith' victory. She resisted for as long as she could…but Malak had learned a lot in breaking Jedi and before long, she gave into her anger and rage, along with her own doubts, fears, and soon, she became a Sith apprentice to Malak, after the death of his first apprentice Darth Bandon.

She felt her body heat up even more as she saw Revan examine her gently from top to bottom and she couldn't help but gulp a bit as she felt her lover look at her breasts and then slowly taking his time to reach the spot between her thigh, she felt this overwhelming urge of cover herself but she fought that down as she also looked at Revan's form, and she also blushed as she looked at him from head to toe, and she could see the proof of his arousal growing even more.

The Star Forge had been destroyed, denying the Sith the use of the powerful factory in their war efforts to crush the Republic. She then grabbed Bastila by the arm and dragged her into her bedroom. More specifically the events after our encounter with Malak on the Leviathan. Taylor swift big tits But something…told her not to let him die like this. Star wars bastila nude. Bastila's angelic features scrunched in confusion. Bastila reasserted her grip on the lightsaber and pulled again, and again it did not move.

Revan couldn't help but smile at the way Bastila purred out her pleasure at his touch, he loved this passionate side of the Jedi Princess, HIS Jedi princess and he would never let her be harmed by any foe, sentient or otherwise. Naked black girls with big ass. And Revan was right.

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Best women body nude Bastila felt a pang of hurt in her chest, did her master not trust her enough to hold her own against the Dark Side? Zaalbar's rage rippled through the Force once the twi'lek fell, but he joined her soon after. She almost regretted what she had done at times to Carth and the others, but they made their choice to stand in her way, and they paid the price.
Asian tits nude She would break the great Bastila Shan and make her her own personal slave.
Beautiful amateur naked women He merely opened my eyes and showed me the power of the dark side.

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